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GENE CHILD graduated from Kansas University with a degree in education in 1957 then taught secondary school science and mathematics for 33 years. While teaching secondary school physics, a somewhat difficult subject, Gene became noted for the "shaggy dog stories" he told weekly to lighten up the classroom atmosphere. In 1992, shortly after he retired from teaching, he self-published a compendium of 76 of these stories in a book titled Shaggy Dogs Have Punny Tales. The book was co-authored by Gene Youngmann, a noted local water color artist, who created the ‘shaggy dog’ cartoons to illustrate many of the stories. When they appear together they are sometimes referred to as 'a pair of Genes'.

Gene has lived in Golden, Colorado for 50 years where he with his wife, Arlone, raised two children, Delton and Colene. He is in the process of republishing the book for the ebook market.