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Shaggy Dog Stories are traditionally long seemingly endless stories that end with a great let-down. These stories on the other hand, though sometimes long, conclude with some sort of surprising pun or other play on words. The result is that you will often both groan and laugh in surprise. It is humor for lovers of the English language! Anyone who has a well developed sense of humor or appreciates wordplay will love this book! This isn’t just another book of jokes. It is a book full of twists and surprises. The “shaggy dog” cartoons illustrating some of the stories will also enhance your enjoyment while reading the book. This book is an ideal “bath room book”. The stories are just the right length for a bath room sit!


"The brain-dead who do not enjoy puns, word play, and a good groan need not read this book!"
—Dean Swift, Student

"These are the Shaggy Dog Days of our lives."
—Jerry Blessinger, Teacher

"The book is a quick read and it is funny. I read some of the stories to my family, and we all groaned together...in a good way. The illustrations were a delightful addition."